Welter Biopower expands Breton Biogas Plant in France

Breton Biogas Plant to Be Stepped up to 500 kW

Together with its French partner WELTEC Agripower, German biogas plant manufacturer Weltec Biopower  is currently working on an extension AD project in Iffendic, Brittany. The biogas plant in Iffendic had already been built back in 2014, and now its capacity is being doubled. The biogas plant now generates 500 kW a day, enough to supply almost 1,000 households. The operator Samuel Morand has now decided to entrust Weltec with a follow-up project. 

Samuel Morand already had the idea of extending the plant when the original biogas plant was being built. However, as he only had a limited amount of cattle manure, pig manure, whole crop silage, cereal debris and apple pulp at his disposal, he initially decided to implement just one 2,625-m3 stainless-steel digester and a 250-kW CHP. Nevertheless, Weltec proactively designed the other plant components, such as the dosing feeder and the pumps, for the double plant size. The robust input system Multimix was also implemented in such a way that it can now easily supply a second digester. The process ensures efficient shredding of long-fibre and sticky substrates such as cattle manure and whole crop silage, thereby enabling use of the full energy potential.

Over the past years, the operator has successfully enlarged his agricultural business and now has a greater amount of cattle and pig manure at his disposal. Moreover, an apple juice manufacturer is now able to supply Morand with more waste from his production. This increase in the available substrate forms the basis for the plant extension by an additional 2,625-m3 digester and an additional 250-kW CHP.

New conditions for blogs projects in France

In December 2016, the feed-in tariff for power from agricultural biogas plants in France was raised, especially for the input of liquid manure. Moreover, the maximum compensation period has been increased five years to a total of 20 years. Both the term and the amount of the tariff ensure more planning and investment security in the industry. Another positive aspect for Samuel Morand‘s operations is that he can use the exhaust heat from the CHP unit for his pigsties and digestate drying.

In this way, this measure means a win-win situation för France which is approaching the goal of stocking up the proportion of renewable energies to 30 percent by 2030. The figure currently amounts to 19 percent, and especially the contribution of biogas to energy production can be further expanded. The new compensation strengthens the role of biogas, allowing this energy source to demonstrate its strength within the scope of the French energy reform. Biogas has a benefit over many other  renewable resources because of the ability to control the timing and amount of energy generation and storability.

“This makes biogas a valuable component of the energy mix, which not only improves the carbon balance, but can also contribute significantly to grid stability, security of supply and a recycling economy, says the the company.

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