WBA global statistics – bioenergy – the largest renewable

World Bioenergy Association is pleased to launch the Global Bioenergy Statistics report. This report is the 4th in a series of annual reports focusing on the development of bioenergy and renewables globally.

The report shows that bioenergy continues to be the largest renewable energy source. Data shows that the share of renewables in the global energy mix has reached 18.6 percent in 2014 – a 0.2 percent increase compared to the previous year. The share of bioenergy remains at 14 percent.

In electricity sector, bioenergy remains as the 3rd largest renewable energy source with a generation of 493 TWh. Renewables share in the derived heat (heat produced in power plants) and direct heat (heat consumed directly) are 7.1 percent and 27.7 percent globally.In transportation, the progress is lacking. Only 2.8 percent of the global transport sector is driven by liquid biofuels.

More information about forestry, agriculture, waste to energy, land use and protein production from biofuels, pellets, charcoal, biogas etc. is available in the report.

Written by Bharadwaj Kummamuru
World Bioenergy Association

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