Waste to bioenergy Africa a side event in Expo Biomasa, Valladolid

Waste to energy Africa  – harnessing he potential at Tuesday, 26 Sept.

AEBIOM, with the support of the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP), is organising a free information event focusing on biomass residues and waste in Africa at ExpoBiomasa, the biennial fair in Valladolid, Spain organised with the support of La Asociación Española de Valorización Energética de la Biomasa (AVEBIOM).

Held on September 26th, the one-day interactive information event will kick off the four day ExpoBiomasa that gathers the industry’s leading biomass business professionals—including machinery suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, engineers, and other players—offering the perfect opportunity for any and all interested bioenergy stakeholders to learn the opportunities Africa’s abundant biomass resources offer.

Gain insight into the developing markets, learn from the expertise of companies active in the continent, as well as network with other professionals seeking and pursuing similar endeavours.

The information event will feature an overview of the RECP services and its Finance Catalyst that assist in the fostering and support of collaborative projects between European and African bioenergy business partners—from project planning to financing.

Representatives of national bioenergy associations will also highlight the areas of growth and development in renewable sources within the private sector that benefit local access to energy through utilising waste and residues. European companies with experience working in Africa will also highlight the optimal areas for joint ventures, showcasing their expertise, success, and room for possible collaboration.

Speakers Announced

  • Maria João Martins has over 18 years of expertise in project development and serves as Board Member of Ecovisão, a Portuguese environmental services and technology multinational.
  • Peter Nyeko is Co-founder & Managing Director at Mandulis Energy, a developer of on and off-grid renewable energy projects, including biomass in Uganda.
  • Pol Arranz-Piera has over 17 years of experience in renewable energy engineering and consultancy projects and is Projects Director at Trama TecnoAmbiental, a private Spanish firm.

This is an event to showcase opportunities in African biomass and how the RECP Finance Catalyst assists project collaborations. Learn more about fast-developing markets, meet potential business partners, and hear the expertise of companies active on the continent.

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