Waste food fuels vehicles in Stockholm

Waste food to fuel – New biogas production plant opened south of Stockholm

The biogas plant, established by Scandinavian Biogas and the local waste treatment company SRV,  has been commissioned and the first delivery of biogas is done. Raw material are sorted food waste from local residents in the Stockholm southern communities of Huddinge, Haninge, Botkyrka, Salem and Nynashamn.  50 000 tonnes of food waste per year will be converted to 80 GWh of biogas, equals 8.8 million liters of petrol. In parallel, the plant will also produce 16,000 tonnes of digestate making possible to circulate  important nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium back to earth.

At the inauguration Swedish Energy minister Ibrahim Baylan said:

– The Government’s ambition for Sweden is to become one of the world’s first fossil-free nations.

– Södertörns biogas plant is a modern example of how we can locally to take care of the resources we have, in this case, household waste, and converting it to renewable energy.

Of the 26 municipalities included in the Stockholm County, sofar only three have introduced the mandatory collection of food waste. More will now follow.

– Now when this biogas plant is established here in Huddinge, the residents can drive on their own and neighbours’ sorted food waste, replacing imported gasoline for the benefit of the environment and the local economy, says Göran Persson, Sweden’s former Prime Minister and also the Chairman of Scandinavian Biogas Fuel International, the technology provider.

Drawing of the new biogas to fuel production plant in Huddinge south of Stockholm

Drawing of the new biogas to fuel production plant in Huddinge south of Stockholm