Valmet to supply boiler and environmental systems to Sobacken, Borås, Sweden

Valmet to supply biofuel boiler including environmental systems to Sobacken energy and environmental plant for Borås Energi och Miljö in Sweden
The order value for Valmet is €60 million.  This order was the final main order for the the big €350 new Sobacken integrated energy and environmental center outside Borås, Sweden. A project that will support the strategy of the city of Borås to become a fossil fuel -free city.   Construction work is already ongoing  and the complete center is scheduled to be on line 2019. Other earlier contracted main suppliers are TGM Kanis supplying the turbine and generator, BMH Technology supplying fuel handling. Veolia will build the free standing but integrated waste water treatment plant and Purac the digestion plant.  Veidekke won the contracts for the main ground and building construction. The project also includes 10 km transfer pipes for district heat, water and sewage to the existing system of Borås city.

“When an over 50-year-old heat and power plant is replaced, environment, flexibility and efficiency are extremely important in order to build something truly sustainable. We are convinced that thanks to Valmet’s influence the energy and environmental center in Borås won’t become only a new heating and power plant, but also an environmental plant that will act as an example and a reference for future investments,” says Gunnar Peters, Managing Director at Borås Energi och Miljö.

“Valmet’s fluidized bed technology suits well in utilizing various fuels like biomass and waste in power and heat production. This plant will fulfill future environmental demands through high efficiency, good fuel flexibility and reliable operation. We are very thankful for the trust and look forward to deliver this sustainable energy project in close cooperation with Borås Energi och Miljö,” says Anders Bergqvist, Director Scandinavia at Valmet.

For Valmet will the main employment impact of the project will be in Tampere, Finland. Installation works are scheduled to begin in July, 2017. Heat production is scheduled to start in 2019.

Signing of contract

Anders Bergqvist (Valmet), Jonas Wallén, (Valmet), Ulrik Nilsson (Boras) och Gunnar Peters, CEO, (Boras).

Technical information about the delivery

Valmet’s delivery scope includes a 120 MW biofuel-fired HYBEX boiler utilizing fluidized bed (BFB) technology. The combination of controlled combustion temperature, low excess air and “staged” combustion provides the favorable conditions for meeting strict environmental requirements. The fuel used will be various biomass, mainly forest residue, bark and wood chips. The delivery will also include flue gas cleaning and condensing systems.  

Information about Borås Energi och Miljö

Borås Energi och Miljö AB supplies energy, waste, water and environmental services in the area of Borås city. The company focuses on improving the social structure through sustainable solutions that provide opportunities for the city to grow.

In addition to the new energy plant, Borås Energi och Miljö will have a new waste water treatment plant in the Sobacken area. This will enable synergies and opportunities to utilize energy flows between various production units in that area.

A longer article presenting the project is available in (Swedish) /2016-09-14/Lennart Ljungblom