Updated Pix Pellet Nordic Index – European pellet market stable

European market for industrial pellets has remained stable.

Grade                         Index           Value      Change   Confidence interval

Pellet Nordic CIF    EUR/MWh   27.27      + 0.20       26.05 ‐ 28.49
SEK/MWh                                        258.83    + 2.36

The index is based on previous month’s data. For price conversion between price per ton and price per MWh, a coefficient of 4.8 is used if not otherwise informed by the price provider.  The PIX indexes are trademark registered, worldwide, by FOEX Indexes Ltd and is published every month. Next PIX will be released on Tuesday October 18 at 12 noon Helsinki time.

As a comment the publisher says that quoting Hawkings Wright Forest Energy Monitor that the industrial market might remain very quiet until 2018, when biomass conversions of Langerlo plant in Belgium and Lynemouth plant in the UK will become operational.

business.conbio.info /2016-09-19 /Lennart Ljungblom