UK: Construction suspended at waste to energy plant

Construction suspended at second Air Products waste-to-energy plant

Up to 700 jobs suspended as company seeks to address technical issues at advanced waste-to-energy plant on Teesside, reports Business Green.

Construction on one of the UK’s largest waste-to-energy plants has been suspended this week, raising concerns about potential technical issues with the project.

Air Products announced it has temporarily halted work on its second advanced plasma gasification plant in the Tees Valley, known as TV2, leading to around 700 jobs being suspended.

The company said staff would be paid in line with their contracts and stressed it remained committed to completing both TV2 and its sister plant, TV1, where construction is continuing.

In a statement, Air Products said the suspension was necessary so as improvements identified on the TV1 project could be successfully applied to the second facility.

“As with many ground breaking projects, improvements are identified as construction advances and new solutions put in place,” it said. “This is the case for our first renewable energy facility currently being built (TV1). The learnings we are making here will be applicable to our second plant. By deferring construction we will be able to ensure any modifications are applied to TV2 in a cost-effective way when activity is resumed.”

It added that it was unclear at this stage how long the suspension would last, but stressed that while “not part of our original plan, in the long-term, this decision will aid the overall operational success and future of both our renewable energy facilities at Teesside”.

Air Products expects the completed Teesside facility to generate 49.9MW of electricity per plant, enough to provide electricity to the equivalent of over 100,000 homes, while also diverting over 350,000 tons per plant a year of non-recyclable waste from landfill.