The ethanol industry also a strategic renewable carbon dioxide supplier

The Ethanol industry also an important and strategic industrial Carbon Dioxide supplier

The ethanol industry main market is to supply fuel for transportation and feed for animals, but not so many are aware of it´s importance also as a supplier of renewable carbon dioxide for e.g. the food-, beverages- and dry ice industry.  The CO2 market is big and valuable. The price for one ton CO2 averages $95 in USA which for a yearly market of 9.63 million short tons adds up to $US 914 million, almost half of the world market.

Ethanol byproduct cleanup is generally less technology- and equipment-intensive than other sources. In the USA those include 21 ammonia plants, 18 reformer refineries, 15 natural sources and a handful of others such as flue and natural gas

Carbon dioxide production facilities in the USA and the market.

Today 48 american ethanol plants also supply CO2 for the merchant market. The product is shipped in 105 ton rail cars as well as in 24 ton trucks as well as in small 20 pound cylinders. The location of a plant is very important if it will stable also to produce CO2 for the market. In US midwest is the market is saturated but new facilities are added in other regions.

Condensed from an article in Ethanol producers magazine by Steffen Mueller from the University of Illinois. Ljungblom