ECOFIRE AUDREY 9 KW from Palazzetti

Features and standard equipment for aworded Ecofire Audrey from Palazzetti

Hermetic stove combustion air is taken directly from the outside;
pellet stove modern shapes with steel and glass front. Design by Marcarch
door with double glass and self-cleaning system;
retractable handle;
hearth Magnofix;
brazier in thick cast iron;
star system for feeding pellets;
large ash drawer;
combustion dynamic control;
digital panel with concealed touch control;
bands programmable operating on a daily and weekly;
ambient probe for the management of the desired temperature;
possibility to connect the stove to an external thermostat;
adjustable multi-room fan speed with the ability to completely exclude it in favor of the operation with natural convection and radiation;
connection box for the management and control of the stove through mobile device series.

Technical Features

Dimensions  55.6 x 50 x 118.5 cm Weight: 125 kg
Max thermal power input  9.79 (Kw) 8500 (Kcal / h)
Efficiency at rated power 92.11%
Yield to reduced power 95.69%
Rated thermal input 9.02 (Kw) 7800 (Kcal / h)
Reduced heat output 2.24 (Kw) – 2000 (Kcal / h)
Tank capacity pellet 16 (kg)
hourly consumption 0.447 (kg / h) 1.997 (kg / h)
Autonomous operation max 36 h
Diameter flue ø 8 cm