Teopower – Norwegian Colombian cooperation for local bio-power

Successful startup of TEOPOWER in Colombia

TEOPOWER, the solution for transforming biomass waste into 100 per cent clean electricity, is now in operation at SuperBrix’s demo plant in Barranquilla, Colombia. /business.conbio.info/2016-12-01/

The Viking Heat Engines Group has teamed up with SuperBrix, an innovative agricultural technology company in Colombia, to develop a technology for converting biomass waste from rice production into electricity. The result of this collaboration is TEOPOWER, a solution that can be used with rice husk and other forms of biomass waste such as sawdust, coffee pulp and soya bean residue.

Just ten months have passed since the first meeting was held between Viking Heat Engines and SuperBrix, to the startup of TEOPOWER. The quick turnaround comes down to the positive attributes of the two technologies, according to Dirk Nuber, CEO of Viking Heat Engines in the Caribbean.

“From the very start, I saw very few – if any – complications in marrying the two relatively simple technologies,” he says. “The result is an outstanding yet simple technology that will solve a lot of problems relating to biomass waste and the lack of power in rural areas.”

Nuber met SuperBrix for the first time just before Christmas 2015. The meeting was the start of an exciting new venture for both companies: Viking had been looking for the technology to feed its Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) engine – the CraftEngine – with heat from biomass combustion, and SuperBrix was looking for a solution that could produce power from its well-established biomass furnace, the TEO furnace, used by rice and corn millers around the world.

Nuber explains that while there are other solutions on the market, both the CraftEngine and TEO furnace have certain unique characteristics that set them apart.

“Our CraftEngine is built using standard parts from the automotive industry,” he says. “It’s a piston engine just like any piston engine found in any type of car on the planet, which means it is much cheaper to install, more flexible to operate and virtually maintenance free.”

The TEO furnace is a highly efficient and compact cyclonic burner that produces clean hot waste gas. Unlike a conventional biomass boiler, the burner is separated from the heat exchanger that feeds the CraftEngine, which makes TEOPOWER more flexible, simpler to produce and easier to operate.

The Teopower solution by Viking and Super Brix produce electricity from rice husks

The Teopower solution by Viking Heat Engines Group  and Super Brix produce electricity from rice husks

Viking and SuperBrix have already started selling the TEOPOWER solution to rice millers in some parts of South America, including Colombia, Guyana and Peru, and are looking at other markets where the price of electricity is high and there is an urgent need for solutions such as the TEOPOWER.

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