Sealed stoves that only draw air from the outside

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In order to operate in “passive houses” or in “high energy efficiency” homes, fireplaces and stoves always need an air inlet from the outside, which supplies a perfect and complete combustion of the firewood or pellets without “stealing” the oxygen in the room. To provide a specific response to this type of requirement, MCZ has designed a line of stoves that do not require any air inlets: these pellet- or wood-burning appliances feature Oyster technology. custom paper research FULLY SEALED STRUCTURE Owing to their perfectly sealed structure, stoves featuring Oyster technology do not compromise the home’s energy efficiency levels because they draw oxygen solely from the outside, without using the oxygen available in the indoor environments.


Oyster technology is designed to click avoid all risk of smoke being released into the room, creating a healthy and clean environment. The sealed structure means that ventilation grilles are unnecessary, consequently eliminating uncomfortable draughts of cold air. link The overall room temperature is thereby more uniform, pleasant and comfortable. HEAT IN SEVERAL ROOMS THANKS TO THE DUCTING SYSTEM 

The wood-burning stoves Stub, Stripe and Thor and the pellet stove Ego 2.0 (NEW for 2014) can be ducted using the mobile business plans Comfort Air® kit, a practical system designed to convey hot air to several rooms. The heat reaches several rooms, even unconnected, up to 8 metres away, as it is ducted along pipes with a considerably limited diameter (just 60mm), making them easy to install even in partition walls and non load-bearing walls. The hot air is released through unprecedented and unique air outlets, which are also used as stylish wall lamps. HEAT THAT LASTS UP TO 12 HOURS The wood-burning stoves Stripe and Stub do not need to be filled continuously thanks to related:www masterpapers com/ masterpapers a mass of refractory material which accumulates heat and releases it over time (Overnight system). This is a considerable advantage, especially at night. Indeed, there is no need to get up to re-light the stove, since these appliances keep the embers burning for up to 12 hours after the last load of firewood was introduced.