Russian Day at Ligna May 24

On May 24 between 14:30 and 17:30 seven Russian industry speakers will at the wood working and forest industry exhibition at Ligna, Hannover, Germany, present Russian position in the pellets and lumber industry. The presentation will be held in Hall 26 Wood Industry Summit.  

Key items are

The Russian Pellet market
Olga Rakitova present a fast growing industry with a production and export exceeding 1.000 000 t/y.

The Production of bifocal briquets from wood waste
A presentation by Alexander Pekarets from the forest technology company Shelovsky DOZ in Irkutsk region

The lumber production in Russia
Kirill Baranov from the agency of forest analytics WhatWood. Most export are to China and the main company is Segezha Group with a production 900000 m3 of lumber per year.

Kirov region its timber industry and investment opportunities
Alexey Shupletsov presents the region with 65 percent of the territory covered by forest which is one of the biggest forest regions in central Russia.

The market leader: Ustyansky Timber Industry Complex
Tatiana Zenina presents the company with an investment of 32 700 000 Euro per year  in new capacitiesthe building a plant that will be the biggest in Russia. The total investment by 2020 will be 200 000 000 Euro.

Production and biomass export from Russia
Andrey Tikhomirov from the first Saint-Peterburg biomass terminal  presents the activity for shipment, storage, packaging and more.

The timber industry of Sverdlovs region
Ilya Pachkay presents the changes in structure towards high value products.

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Ligna a main event for the forestry and wood working industry