Portugal: New 15 MW biopower plant

/business.conbio.info/2016-08-30/  The Portuguese municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicao announced on Friday its 14.75-MW forest biomass plant should be operational in 2017 report See News.

The EUR-30-million (USD 33.5m) plant, which is already under construction, is expected to be up and running by February of next year, the owner of the plant Avelino Reis said.

Around 18 tonnes of forest biomass per hour will be consumed by the plant. The fuel will come not only from the biodegradable fraction of the forest but also from the residual organic matter generated by local wood processing businesses.

In addition to the economic and social impact on the region, the plant will contribute to the cleaning of the forests as well as reduce the risk of fires, city councill president Paulo Cunha added.