Mar 21 2017

Pix Nordic Wood Pellet price index March 2017 Grade  get link Index   watch Value Custom Watermark Cotton Paper Change Buy Smith Micro Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe Conf. interv. Pellet Nordic CIF  EUR/MWh 27.61 – 0.11 27.33 -27,89
SEK/MWh home page   261,64 -2,01

see url Index is based on previous month’s data.

follow link For price conversion between price per ton and price per MWh, a coefficient of 4.8 is used, if not otherwise informed by the price provider.

go to site The average temperature in February remained warmer in 2017 than the longer-term statistical average in the Nordic countries. No major changes have been seen in the Nordic industrial pellet markets. The changes in prices reported to us for February trades were mainly downwards, while unchanged prices were also seen. In February, Euro weakened further by 0.4% against the Swedish Crown. This meant downward pressure on the SEK value, while the opposite to the Euro value. After removing the highest and lowest 10% of the price quotes, the PIX Pellet Nordic index value in Euro terms inched down by 11 cents, or by 0.40%, and closed at 27.61 EUR/MWh. The strengthening of the Swedish Crown pulled the index value down in SEK a bit more, and the benchmark decreased by 2.01 crowns, or by 0.76%, and closed at 261.64 SEK/MWh.

Can Someone Right My Essay According to the Hawkins Wright Forest Energy Monitor, the European industrial pellet market has shown some signs of increased activity. Picking up has also been seen in the heating market, due to the colder winter weather in continental Europe. Supply and demand balance has shown some signs of normalization and the dollar prices of pellets have increased, even though still near the historic lows, while spot availability is reported thin.

here After consuming stocks for some months, Drax has now again entered the short-term market.

click PIX indexes are produced by FOEX  indexes Ltd.  Next PIX will be released on TUESDAY April 18, 2017 at 12 noon Helsinki time Ljungblom