Piazzetta a main Italian pellet stove supplier

In our serie with presentation of leading bioenergy companies we here presents the Italian pellet, wood and gas stove manufacturer Piazzetta.

Gruppo Piazzetta is one of the leading companies in the wood and pellets domestic heating field today, Management, R&D, laboratories, production as well as sales and administrative offices are all grouped together in facilities covering 65 thousand square metres on Asola outside Treviso in the northeastern part of Italy.

The quality, safety, performance and emissions into the atmosphere of every Piazzetta product comply with the most stringent European and international regulations and provisions currently in force.

One of the latest pellet stoves presented is the round P 943 M in Majolica with forced ventilation with the Multifuoco and Dual Power Systems as standard features for heating spaces of up to 290 m3, firebox heat output 11,1 kW.

The standard remote control has a room thermostat function which enables you to set daily, weekly and weekend programmes. The Energy Saving and Eco functions allow you to achieve considerable savings during operation. The Easy Cleaning and Automatic Cleaning systems reduce and simplify cleaning operations.  You can even manage the operation of the stove at a distance with an SMS text message.

Multifuoco system distributes the air

Multifuoco is the exclusive patented forced-ventilation system, which heats the surrounds with a warm air flow from below. Natural convection evenly distributes temperature levels from floor to roof, The system is attached to all Piazzetta pellets and gas stoves.  You can as a result of this system also channel a flow of hot air to other rooms – also using independent controls – to provide uniform heating from floor to ceiling.


To certify the stoves function and high efficiency many stoves can be equipped with the Hermetic system. A system built in this way avoids introducing cold air into the home environment through external ventilation inlets, which are now no longer necessary.

A single coaxial pipe can be used, which allows the intake of combustion air and simultaneous discharge of combustion fumes. The air coming in is heated by the warm, outgoing fumes in the adjacent flue, which also reduces fuel consumption due to greater plant efficiency.


A third group of Piazzetta pellet stoves are possible to connect to the radiator system.

The P985 TH Thermo Pellet Stove in Majolica by Piazzetta heats water for radiator or underfloor heating systems.


The stove is equipped with an internal boiler and together with the necessary devices it can supplement the existing heating circuit, for seasonal use, or as an alternative to the traditional heating system. It can be connected directly to the room thermostat and is capable of regulating its operation so as to ensure maximum comfort, while maintaining the desired or set temperature.

It also includes an antifreeze function that prevents pipes from freezing, by automatically turning the stove on if the room temperature falls below a minimum level.

The LCD remote control allows you to programme daily, weekly and weekend operation with distinct time bands. Boiler stoves can also be connected to central heating systems with radiators or to underfloor heating systems. The ECO and Energy Saving functions are also available which respectively modulate flame power and intensity and automatically shut down and restart the stove, providing substantial fuel savings.

You can also send commands with text messages to start up or shut down the stove.

Design with large handmade majolica elements

The hand-made large Piazzetta majolica elements are the epitome of what can be achieved with the constituent raw material. The clay acquires unrivalled superior quality to become an expression of those who shape it with their hands.

The production of a majolica cladding requires time and skill: after the mix has been cast in the moulds and dried enough to take it out, the piece is hand smoothed and left to dry naturally. This procedure is then followed by drying at 60°, to eliminate all the residual moisture, and further firing at 1000° to make the ceramic stronger and to improve its capacity to conduct heat. The piece is then hand painted and put back in the kiln for the last phase. It takes between 12 and 15 days to complete the whole production cycle with around ten skilled persons involved.


A number of colours are available


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