The Pellet market in Austria is shifting

The pellet boiler market in Austria 2016 was a quiet one, told Christian Rakos the manager of Austrian pelletsorgansiation Pro Pellets when he spoke at the Central European Biomass Conference in Graz in January. The conference CEBC attracted over 1 000 participants from 40 countries.

In Austria only the year 2000 and 2007 have had a lower sale than the last year when only 4073 boilers with output lower than 100 kW reached the market. The record year of 2012 noted 11 971 units sold.

– The market problems in Austria could mostly be explained by the record low oil price and a hard competition from heat pumps. The price curve for oil is similar with the sales curve for boilers.

Sales price for oil in Austria correlates with the sales of pellet boillers.

Sales price for oil in Austria correlates exactly with the sales figures of pellet boilers.

– And we should not forget the mild winters that decreased the general interest in investing in heat facilities. Also high service and installation costs for biomass boilers and a declining positive image for biomass contributed to the weak market.

– There is a future for pellets but it will be different –  the market for pellets is shifting, Christan Rakos told.

– We have to address different markets. Larger units for housing and industry are very competitive and policy makers will need to take action on decarbonisation, ended Christian Rakos his speech in Graz