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New Bioenergy iPad app

conBio the Bioenergy Gateway

 Download direct on the Apple Store:


Join us in the conBio app for iPad, the Bioenergy Gateway initially  having three  sections:  1) conBio News and Facts 2) inBio, the exclusive interactive iPad magazine 3) the Bioenergy Business Directory. We appreciate your reflexions and welcome you as a reader as well as a contributor.  It is developed by the founder and former editor in chief of Bioenergy International, Lennart Ljungblom together with the software engineer Tigist Ayalew.

”We will bring in 35 years of Bioenegy experience, relations and know how”, says Lennart Ljungblom

” Switching technology to an iPad opens up a new world. We can easily mix information sources, create slideshows and provide the reader with much more information on a limited time frame. The interactivity and the easy access make wonders.”

The prefix ”con”, the Spanish word for ”with” highlights the supporting function of the app. It will act as an extra resource for your business, work as an ad on to your traditional trade magazine providing backgrounds and analyzes and sift the Twitter flow.

At it’s launch the conBio app is equipped with three sections, more will be added.

   1) conBio News & Facts 
The conBio News and Facts section is updated daily. Information is carefully selected. There are enough sources on the net providing an endless flow of small and big news. Visit the connected website.

   2) inBio – the interactive iPad magazine
inBio, the interactive iPad magazine. New “beyond the headlines” articles and analyzes are frequently delivered exclusively to the app owners.  Download direct on the Apple Store:

   3) conBio Business Directory. 
Also the conBio Business directory is special – it contains only edited information.  Check if your company is listed, if not, please visit the Directory Panel

”Another important distinction is that we don’t do any print and do not accept advertisements – the base of income for the traditional trade magazine”.

”Our products will be financed by the readers. If they like them, they will pay the small fee for the app and if they don’t like, they will stop”.

”It is a simple business idea and we put our future into the hands of the readers”, ends Lennart Ljungblom.

Download direct on the Apple Store:



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