Jasper USA: New 125 000 t/y Pellets plant complete

Northeast Wood Products (NWP) is pleased to announce that construction on its newest manufacturing facility in Jasper, TN is nearly complete with production to begin in November. During this first phase, the plant will have the capacity to produce up to 125,000 tons of premium heat pellets annually, and the company anticipate it will double capacity in its second phase in time for the 2017 heat season. The site offers 10,000 tons of bulk storage, 40-rail car siding and all-water barge access to the Gulf.

“I’m extremely pleased with NWPs growth and the worldwide acceptance of our product,” said Guy Mozzicato, president of NWP.

“With Jasper being on the Tennessee River and having a forty-rail car siding, we now have easy access to the Gulf, East Coast ports and points beyond. I’m looking forward to the near future when we have additional announcements of our global development.”

After slightly more than a year of operations, NWP’s annual production volume is expected to be 450,000 tons. This calculation is based on the available output of their factories in Peebles, Ohio; Ligonier, Indiana; and soon, Jasper, Tennessee.

“We’re well on our way at meeting our five-year goal of 1.5 million tons of annual capacity,” Mozzicato said. “The market demand for quality product is evident, and we’re working to meet those needs.”

All three of NWP’s production facilities produce high-efficiency, low-cost home heating pellet products that meet or exceed Pellet Fuels Institute and EN A1+ quality standards.

NWP’s product line, ThermaGlo® Premium Wood Pellets, are created from wood fiber waste and untreated residue generated from wood processing. ThermaGlo® can be found retail at Home Depot®, Lowe’s®, Rural King® and Tractor Supply®.