Innovative biogas production for farmers and communities in Africa

An innovative biogas digester developed in Kenya to improve the quality of life now spreads around the continent

A flexible digester to produce high quality fertiliser and biogas creates several benefits for the local population? Less deforestation because biogas replace wood collection, better land productivity becausse the process residues are used as fertilisers and above all energy independence. business.conbio/info/2016-10-13

Biogas makes the lives of Kenyan women easier, who use the biogas for cooking, tells Andrew Amadi Business development consultant from Biogas International Ltd.

The digester,  initially designed for domestic use is now after five years of  development, redesign and practical use is now also upscaled to an commercial and municipal level too. The digester is now distributed in several African nations, and sold in more than 500 units.

Andrew Amadi Business Consultant with Biogas International Ltd.

Andrew Amadi Business Consultant with Biogas International Ltd.


Biogas International Limited or BIL, is a limited liability company founded in Kenya in the year 2011 and operates from Karen in Nairobi. We have designed our offices as an Eco Resource Centre – ERC, where we design simple appropriate technology tools to alleviate daily challenges on the typical rural farm. Ljungblom