Foex Nordic Pellet index: Increasing prices in Euro and SEK

PIX Pellet Nordic CIF 20.1.2015:

EUR/MWh 30.08 (-0.04 from previous month),confidence intervall  29,90 – 30, 26

SEK/MWh 282.88 (+4.62 from previous month)

Pellet Market

– The pellet market has been quite calm due to the mild winter in Europe. Hawkins Wright Forest Energy Monitor (FEM) reports that many European utilities have high stocks and therefore the spot market has been very quiet. However, the weakness of the Euro is reported to affect the European buyers, and the price increase since June has been about 15 EUR/ton.
The Central European heating pellet markets have also been very quiet due to the mild weather.
Despite the subdued market, the pellet imports from both pellet producing countries in Europe and outside Europe grew during 2014, although not to the same extent as in some earlier years.