Feed industry replaces oil with pellets

Lantmännen Holmsund replaces oil, installs a 2 MW steam boiler for pellets.

Leading Swedish animal feed manufacturer Lantmännen has converted yet another unit to wood pellets in its ambition to become fossil free. The most recent contribution is the Holmsund unit located outside the city of Umeå in northern Sweden.

The plant earlier consumed 375 m3 of oil to produce process steam. It is now completely converted to pellets, says project manager Gustav Tynelius at Lantmännen.
The conversion started on a Friday, with dismantling the existing oil-fired boiler. Already on Sunday, the new equipment was up and running.
– After only a few weeks of operation, we have seen an improvement in the steam flow and  pressure compared with the earlier oil boiler, says Stefan Bjurbäck, responsible for maintance in the facility.
– This is the largest pellet burner we have delivered so far, says Göran Magnusson, CEO of Janfire AB, the main component supplier.
– We se a demand and expects a number of follow-up orders in the industrial sector. We have already e.g. supplied pellets-burners for steam production in a number of laundries.

Client: Lantmännen Agriculture. Part of the Lantmännen cooperative, owned by 29,000 Swedish farmers.
Contractor: Imtech VS has supplied a complete 2 MW steam plant 15.5 bar mounted in a container and a flue gas cleaning cyclone, economizer; and a control system as well as a 90 m3 pelletsilo.
Component Suppliers:
– Burner: Janfire AB develops and manufactures pellet burners, equipment and management in size from 10 to 2000 kW.
– Boiler Manufacturer: VEÅ
– IT, handling and storing: Kvänum Energy, Economic Association.