Ethanol: Abengoa closed Rotterdam plant

Plants report that Abengoa’s ethanol plant in Rotterdam has been confirmed closed, bringing Europe’s production deficit to 1.12 million cubic meters per year. The 480,000 cu m/year facility as well as the 241,000 cu m/year Salamanca ethanol facility that shut in April will be closed for an undetermined amount of time.

The big Abengoa plant in Rotterdam had a yearly consumption of grain of 1.2 Mton and a power production capacity of 400 0000 MWh and a  DGS production capacity of 360 000 t.  84 persons were employed.

In 2015 also the UK based Crop Energies’ Ensus plant in Wilton with a production capacity 400 000 ton did close.

Traders are not concerned about immediate supply needs for the market because tanks in Rotterdam remain full.