Envia Energy methane gas to liquid plant now producing salable products

Envia Energy started to produce gas-to-liquid products at the Oklahoma plant

US-based Envia Energy has produced its first gas-to-liquid product at its Oklahoma city plant. ENVIA Energy is a joint venture between Waste Management, Inc (NYSE:WM), NRG Energy, Inc (NYSE:NRG), Ventech Engineers International LLC, and Velocys plc (LSE:VLS), formed in March 2014 to develop a series of GTL plants.  The Envia project is located adjacent to the East Oak landfill site and uses a combination of landfill gas and natural gas as feedstock. The plant deploys Velocys’ full-scale commercial Fischer-Tropsch (FT) reactors.

Snapshots from the plant, photos and captions by Velocys 

First finished, saleable products have been produced at the plant – premium, renewable waxes, diesel and naphtha. The fuels produced at the plant are expected to qualify under the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and generate tradeable credits in the form of Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs).

The on-site operations team has completed the debugging of several units of the plant – activities that are routine during the start up of a plant of this complexity – and is continuing the implementation of the pre-planned programme of ramping up production to target operational capacity over the coming months.

David Pummell, CEO of Velocys, said: “We’re pleased that another milestone has been successfully achieved at the Envia Oklahoma plant. The exceptional quality of these products further verifies the performance of our technology and underlines its ability to deliver a slate of high value premium products at smaller scales.”

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