EFB to be used for biochemicals in large scale project in Malaysia

Collaboration is announced between Australian Leaf Resources and American  Verdezyne Inc for the use of EFB Empty Fruit Bunch for the possible large scale production of  chemicals.  EFB is a very huge by-product from the Palm Oil Industry and is today used as solid fuels or just put on deponi.

Verdezyne has a manufacturing facility in Johor Bahru in Malaysia under construction. It is expected to be completed by Q4 2018. The goal of the large scale evaluation is for Verdezyne to qualify a local source of fermentable sugars such as the Glycell sugars for use in commercial manufacturing.

The fermentable Glycell sugars is supposed to be sourced at Leafs planned first biorefinery project announced on november 16 2017 in Segamat, Johor. Leaf Resources has a process for converting biomass to functional industrial sugars that can substitute petrochemicals used in manufacturing today.

The parties has previously evaluated the use of Glycell sugars to manufacture biobased dodecaneoic acid using Verdazyne’s process at small scale. Verdazyne has two commercial products BIOLON DDA /dodecanedioic acid and FerroShield dibasic acid mixture.

Glycol process scheme

The Glycell process by Leaf, way to split biomass and to convert cellulose to sugars and chemicals

The Glycell process is according to Leaf independently validated to produce cellulosic sugars at under $50/tonne and ‘cleaner’ than rival processes. It uses waste glycerol to break down plant biomass at a low temperature, low pressure, environmentally friendly, continuous process to produce cellulosic sugars.

by Lennart Ljungblom

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