Dong Skærbæk Power Station boiler 1 ignited to burn wood chips

Skærbæk Power Station boiler 1 ignited to produce green energy

Dong Skærbæk Power Station is getting ready for the transition to green energy, and the first shipload of sustainable wood chips with 3,546 tonnes of wood chips arrived in mid April and on May 8 Dong announced that boiler 1 was ignited.  The complete plant is will be ready in time for next heating season.

The first shipment of wood chips was primarly used to adjust the cranes and the wood chip conveyor belts. The transport of wood chips to Skærbæk Power Station will primarily take place via ships and barges, and ship calls will mainly take place during the winter months as deliveries will follow demand during the heating season. The ships will generally carry between 6,000-16,000m³ of wood chips. The existing quay has been renovated and extended to accommodate the ships, which will be up to 175m in length.

A new wood chip conveying system and two new unloading cranes at the quay ensure efficient unloading of ships and barges. The cranes lift the wood chips from the ships using closed crane grabs and place them in large funnels equipped with exhaust ventilation to reduce dust nuisances. From here, the wood chips will be transported on conveyor belts to the open wood chip storage facility.

The open wood chip storage facility has a maximum height of 30m and can store up to 80,000m3 of wood chips. This equates to approximately nine days of maximum heat production at Skærbæk Power Station.

Ready for the heating season

The green Skærbæk Power Station is expected to be ready for the next heating season. From then on, the power station will use only wood chips produced from wood waste for the production of district heating to the Triangle Region Denmark.

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