Zilkha Biomass Energy

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Zilkha Biomass Energy develops and produces "Black Coal", a water resistant torrefied like fuel. They do also produce and install a biomass turbine "ZBP Unit" at customer sites and build. operate and own the plant.
The father-and-son team of Selim and Michael Zilkha has pioneered new technologies in the energy industry, earning them a reputation as “technology wildcatters.” Because Zilkha Energy Company used computer modeling to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, locating even the smallest reserves with pinpoint accuracy, the Zilkhas successfully reopened US oil fields thought too prohibitive to drill economically.
After selling their oil and gas company to Sonat for a billion dollars in 1998, the Zilkhas decided renewable energy was the most important segment of the energy industry in which to invest both money and enthusiasm. They turned a small wind energy company into one of the most respected in the wind industry by building elegant and community-integrated wind farms throughout the country. The subsequent sale of Zilkha Renewable Energy to Goldman Sachs marked a turning point for the wind industry—and the renewable energy industry as a whole—because securing the interest of the world’s top investment banking firm signals an important move away from petroleum-based energy to renewables. And the purchase sends a message about energy prices: not only are renewables price-competitive, they are essential for our future.
The next step for the Zilkhas: biomass.
The Zilkha Black® Pellet: Transformative Technology.
The Zilkha Black® Pellet is a revolutionary advancement in the pellet industry: our additive-free pellet is waterproof and durable. Green wood removed from a forest generally contains about 50% moisture content. So for every pound of wood you transport, you are also paying to transport a pound of water. All pellets—composed of compressed wood pre-dried to reduce moisture content—increase energy density, create a uniform fuel, and decrease transportation costs. However, the Zilkha Black® Pellet improves pellet technology, providing you more than the usual benefits of pellet fuel. Our sturdy black pellet is abrasion resistant, increasing safety and reducing product loss during storage and transport. Because it is waterproof, it can be transported and stored outside like coal. And it has a higher energy density than conventional white pellets.
The Zilkha Black® Pellet eliminates the need for covered sheds at the ports of departure and delivery, and at the power station.
No complex vacuum systems are required at every handling stage to capture dust that would otherwise float away and coat the surrounding area. Business can proceed as usual come rain or shine, and safety risk is reduced across the board.