Vyncke N.V.

eMail : scp@vyncke.com
Telephone : +32 56 73 06 30
Address : Gentsesteenweg 224 , Harelbeke , none , Belgium , B-8530

Vyncke N.V. is a waste to clean energy solution provider company, experts in burning any type of biomass or other solid fuels and producing energy in the form of steam, thermal oil, hot water, hot gas or electricity, individually or in any combination. Headquarter is in Belgium but the company is present on a global market.
VYNCKE is a 4 generation global family business with its roots in Belgium and today locally organized with over 290 enthusiastic Vynckeneers in Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, India, Malaysia, Thailand and China ... we are always close to you. Today we have close to 4,000 references worldwide.

Number one energy users, like independent power producers, wood based panel manufacturers, oil refineries, to medium-sized industries, like manufacturers of finished wood products, the agro and food industries. One of our competitive advantages is that our expertise covers a wide spectrum of bio-fuels, including: all types of wood waste, pellets, wheat straw, rice husks, palm oil waste, empty fruit bunches, coffee spent grain,… the list is long. From dedicated energy crops to recycled organic waste, from very wet to very dry, from coarse fuel to fines, all is possible.

VYNCKE is not just a typical boiler manufacturer but a more complete energy solution provider with many references of thermal oil heaters, hot water boilers, steam boilers, hot gas generators, electricity producer and more advanced and combined systems.