Vermeer Corporation

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Telephone : (641) 628-3141
Address : Box 368 , Pella , Iowa , USA , 50219

Vermeer Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment. The privately held company distributes more than 120 products globally from seven production facilities and offices in Pella, Iowa, U.S.A. and multiple locations worldwide. Founded in 1948 by Gary Vermeer, as Vermeer Manufacturing Company, the company is in its second generation of family management under CEO Mary Vermeer Andringa and Chairman of the Board Robert L. Vermeer, as well as members of the third generation.

Vermeer serves the construction, landscaping, environmental, excavation and forage markets domestically and internationally from locations in the Netherlands, Germany, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and Brazil, as well as various wholly and partially owned subsidiaries in several United States.  Serving customers in more than 60 nations, Vermeer equipment and solutions are backed by a worldwide sales and support network of independent Vermeer equipment dealers.


At Vermeer we believe in fueling the future. Whether you are commercially harvesting or contracting with farms directly to supply your feedstock, Vermeer has the right products to collect and deliver your wood, agricultural residue or energy crops. Also, when it comes time to process your feedstock, Vermeer chippers, horizontal or tub grinders can create sized material to fit your needed specifications. From harvesting to processing the global Vermeer dealer network provides you with service and support you need no matter your location.

Whole tree chipper

A small package never had such a powerful bite like a Vermeer whole-tree chipper. Available with two counter knife options WC2300 can produce either 5/8" (1.6 cm) or 3/8" (1 cm) chip sizes to fit end use specifications. The WC2300 also features the Vermeer exclusive EcoIdle engine control system automatically idles the engine horsepower down after 30 seconds of inactivity to maximize fuel economy. Saving fuel to make fuel, this machine was built for the biomass industry.

Vermeer Whole Tree chipper WC 2300

Vermeer Whole Tree chipper WC 2300

Wood waste processing


Between land clearing, construction, and tree care, tons of wood waste is produced around the world. Managing this wood waste is one thing – turning it into a useful by-product requires innovative solutions, like the ones you get from Vermeer.

Vermeer horizontal grinders, tub grinders, brush chippers and stump cutters allow contractors to quickly process wood waste into useful mulch, biofuel or compost-ready fiber. They’re built tough to meet your needs. Plus, Vermeer factory-trained dealers will be there to provide parts, service and support when you need it.