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Torrec develops and commercializes biocoal pellet production technology. Technology is based on the owner parties decades of know-how of biocoal productions most important steps; wood chip and sawdust handling, drying and thermal modification and pelletizing. The company has industrial-scale demonstration plant in Mikkeli, Finland, where the suitability of different wood-based raw materials for the process is tested.
Torrec's technology combines three owner parties more than 60 years of technological experience in the wood drying and thermal treatment, thermally treated wood pelletizing and processing of wood chips and sawdust.

Key features of Torrec's technology

    • Vertical reactor, where material handling is carried out by means of gravity (no drives / actuators in a hot state, own IPR)

    • Energy-saving rapid drying at high temperature

    • Safe and low-cost inertisation with steam and accurate process control (own IPR)

    • Own special solutions in pellet press, which enables low O&M cost and high availability

Torrec's plant concept is a compact and simple, which will reduce the investment costs and improve productivity. The process is suitable also for lower quality wood chips (does not require debarking). Energy needed in drying is produced using fines that are removed in screening phase. At the same phase, also sand and other foreign matter is removed that causes pellet press the extra wear, and thereby reduce the utilization rate. The combination of biocoal production and the CHP plant allows the raw material exploitation in the best way.

The company has an industrial demonstration plant in operation in Mikkeli, Finland. Company's technology can be scaled to large-scale industrial production capacity (50 ... 125 000 t / a).
Operating experience in the demonstration plant has proved that the company have chosen correct technological solutions. An effective and compact torrefaction reactor, which can be scaled up to over 100,000 t / a capacity is created. The concept includes raw material pre-treatment system, which improves significantly pelletizing process because the sand and other foreign material is removed effectively from raw material. Side stream from pre-treatment process is combusted in a boiler, which produces the heat energy required for the process.


Torrec Oy
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