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Address : Fluwelen Burgwal 44 , The Hague , The Netherlands , 2511 CJ

Topell Energy is a Dutch, privately funded, clean technology company, developed a process for biomass torrfaction. The company operates a commercial scale plant in Duiven.

Topell Energy is a Dutch, privately funded, clean technology company which has developed a cutting edge process which transforms low-grade biomass streams into a homogeneous and energy-dense fuel, which is suitable for combustion and gasification applications. This process is generally known as torrefaction and the solid bio-fuel is usually referred to as torrefied biomass, refined biomass, or biocoal.

The torrefaction step is instrumental in unlocking the potential of biomass as feedstock for bio-based chemicals and fuels. There are significant benefits associated with the use of such a solid biofuel across the entire biomass-to-energy supply chain, including lower cost of transportation and storage and a more efficient conversion of biomass into heat and power.

Topell Energy  operates a large, commercial-scale plant in Duiven (The Netherlands). Topell Energy has started its international roll-out as a provider of integrated torrefaction solutions to biomass supply chain companies around the world.

For more information contact:

Rob Voncken (CEO)

The torrefaction plant is located at

Roelofshoeveweg 29
6921 RH  Duiven
The Netherlands


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2013.10.23: Announcement 

Topell commercial scale plant for torrefaction

Topell commercial scale plant for torrefaction