Thermorossi S.p.A

Address : Via Grumolo 4 , Arsiero (VI) , None , Italy , 36011

Thermorossi. Innovative technologies in the production of wood and pellet burning heating appliances.

Established in a province renowned for its metalworking traditions , and open to medern technology, Thermorossi has been working with success in the heating sector for 40 years and is now one of the leading and advanced European companies in the production of stoves, central heating cookers and boilers.

Each stage of processing, from laser cutting, bending, welding the assembly, is an integral part of company assets.

Thermorossi uses the most modern techniques of production and all products conform to the strictest European regulations.

Thermorossi is always in the front of development one example is their unique burning pot named Pellet power

(Patent n°. VI2004A000014)

After many years of experience in the production of wood and pellets heaters, our company has succeeded in creating an innovative burning pot.

Its revolutionary shape, the gauging, the numbers of holes and the continuous movement of the motor-driven paddle, make it possible to keep primary and secondary air mixture constant. Combustion residues are removed from the inside of the burnerout to the sides in order to drop down into the large ash pan below.