Termoventiler AB

eMail : info@termoventiler.se
Telephone : 004632126180
Address : Nolhagavägen 12 , Marbäck , Sweden , 523 93

Thermoventiler supplies components for reliable, energy efficient and environmentally adapted heat installations with long service lives. We distinguish ourselves by high product quality, high levels of service and technical support with a high know-how factor.

The company employs 15 people in Marbäck in Ulricehamn municipality and also has a wholly owned subsidiary in Germany (TV Termoventiler GmbH), which sells its own products. We manufacture our own products in excellent purpose built premises that have been extended over the last few years as the company has expanded. We are represented in a number of different countries by agents and boiler manufacturers that use our products.

Since 2006 Termoventiler AB has been owned by Pomonagruppen AB. Whenever the financial press discusses strong Swedish owners, the Pomonagruppen is usually mentioned. Pomonagruppen, which is owned by the Rapp family, operates on principles of long-term investment and stable profitability. Pomonagruppen is today a well-regarded investment company that has both majority and minority shareholdings in a number of stable, Swedish industrial companies such as XANO Industri AB, Vättern Industrier AB, ITAB Shop Concept AB, Binar AB and others.

Laddomat M21-60 from Termoventiler

Laddomat M21-60 from Termoventiler

Laddomat 21-60 is a complete unit and is simple to install. Laddomat 21-60 ensures perfect charging of the tank.
Thanks to efficient hot water control, Laddomat 21-60 can have a higher opening temperature at high boiler output compared to other similar products.
Laddomat 21-60 enables the boiler to quickly attain the right working temperature and then charges with a slow flow and a high and even temperature. The vitally important boundary layer* between hot and cold water is therefore optimal.