Stockholm Bulkhamn

eMail :
Telephone : (468) 109-915
Address : Torpängsvägen 2 , Stora Vika , Stockholm , Sweden , 148 60

Bulk handling port for the Stockholm region. Specialised in biomass and waste handling. Ships up to 8000 t accepted. Large storage areas. Located only 40 km from Stockholm.
Owns port and storage facilities for wood, waste and other bulk cargo for Stockholm area. Close to high way to Stockholm and Södertälje. Can accept ships up to 8 000 ton and 6.4 meter depth. The 200 m long birth can accept two ships at the same time. The modern electricity powered crane has large capacity and in total the harbour has 80 000 m2 storage area, of this 20 000 m2 permanented surface in direct connectioon to the birth. 15 000 m2 storage buildings are available.