SaraRasa Bioindo Pte. Ltd

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Telephone : +65 6292 7582
Address : 161 Lavender Street #02-04 Lavender Place , Singapore , Singapore , 338750

SaraRasa Bioindo Pte. Ltd. is a renewable energy producer based in Singapore with operations in Indonesia. Using sustainable waste biomass as feedstock, SaraRasa Bioindo specializes in the production of industrial grade pellets to power plants in Asia.
SaraRasa Biomass is one of the leading biomass suppliers in Southeast Asia. Founded by a team of Scandinavian bio-energy experts, the company has been established in Singapore with running operations in Indonesia.

SaraRasa specializes in providing industrial grade pellets to power plants worldwide. Our operations are located in Riau province, Indonesia and run 24 hours, 7 days a week, producing 50 000 tons of pellets per annum. This strategic location and uninterrupted production gives SaraRasa a great advantage in the biomass markets.

The company's vision is to provide sustainable biomass and biomass products to end users and to increase this supply to 1 million tons per annum by 2020. In Indonesia, SaraRasa is among few pioneers in the biomass industry and the first company with a large - scale pellet production. Our operations are bringing new employment opportunities in Indonesia and boost knowledge transfer of sustainable practices for developing cleaner energy future.

SaraRasa starts renewable fuel production in Indonesia 

SaraRasa Bioindo Pte. Ltd. has started renewable fuel production at its production plant in the Riau region on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The inauguration of the plant was held on June 11, 2013. The plant, which produces pellets using waste biomass sourced from local food industry as feedstock, will have an annual production capacity of approx. 50,000 ton and will be one of the largest producers of pellets in Southeast Asia.

Established in early 2012, SaraRasa Bioindo is jointly owned by the Singaporean renewable energy project developer SaraRasa Biomass Pte. Ltd., Dovre Group Plc, the Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Ltd. (Finnfund), and a local Private Equity company. Dovre Group also holds a stake in SaraRasa Biomass Pte. Ltd.

“We have managed to set up the plant in record time and are now ready to deliver,” says Saku Rantanen, CEO of SaraRasa Bioindo Pte. Ltd. “There is a strong demand for our pellets in Asia and the demand is expected to double this year alone, with projections of 3-5 million tons per year by 2015,” explains Mr. Rantanen.

“Good progress with SaraRasa proves that we can be successful also in the field of project development,” says Janne Mielck, CEO of Dovre Group. “We are very proud of the achievements made by SaraRasa team and are excited to see production start at the plant. This project is also a proof of successful collaboration between SaraRasa and its shareholders.”