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eMail : liedtke@rika.at
Telephone : +43 7582 686 187
Address : Müllerviertel 20 , Micheldorf , Austria , A-4563

RIKA - an established company with a vision

RIKA has been involved in the field of metal processing for over 55 years. We are currently the market leader for pellet stoves in German-speaking countries, as well as one of the leading providers of high quality woodburning stoves. And we are primarily focused on key areas, namely quality, innovation and design. This is also reflected in the continuous development of our stoves. For example, in addition to our own research and development work we also participate in numerous public innovation projects.

Our corporate philosophy dictates that we do not rest on our laurels, but continue working on the development of our stoves - thereby ensuring that we satisfy your high standards! The basis of our success is our 230 employees, who all work on continuously improving our products and our level of customer service. So you can be sure of heating with RIKA today with the know-how of tomorrow.

The long-standing cooperation we have enjoyed with our partners in the pellet and woodburning stove industry is also very important to us. Strong partnerships support us in continually improving our service to you

RIKA Warm App

Download the free RIKA Warm App for your smartphone here.

Know the feeling? You come home after a long day at work, looking forward to a cosy evening in your own four walls. And then: the frosty temperature in your own living room!

RIKA offers the ideal solution when you are on the go! RIKA provides you with the opportunity to control all the functions of your RIKA pellet stove with the Warm App using GSM phone control  simply, intuitively and conveniently wherever you are and at any time. The new smartphone App allows you to switch on your RIKA pellet stove on your way home. The pellet stove heats your own four walls so that a cosy, warm home awaits you depending on the room temperature and output required.

RIKA warm app

RIKA warm app

 RIKA warm app

Simply download the RIKA Warm App on your mobile phone:
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Preconditions for use of the RIKA Warm App are:

  • RIKA pellet stove: MemoTopoComoRevo or Pico

  • RIKA GSM telephone control

  • RIKA GSM telephone control