Pezzolato Costruzioni Meccaniche S.p.A.

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Pezzolato is an Italian company with equipment for wood processing for energy and wood industry. Now the company has introduced a fourth line with small and medium scale wood gasifiers with electricity production

Pezzolato S.p.A. was founded in 1976 and, thanks to the quality of its products, acquires in a short time a leading position in Europe.

Four production ranges, a strong vocation for mechanics which guides the projects and the construction of all machines, the attention paid to the customers’ requirements, a considerable part of the turn over invested in research and development programs are at the base of the growing success of the Company.

Today Pezzolato S.p.A., with two factories, an area of 70.000 m2 (30.000 of which under roof) and 120 employees, can operate with great flexibility, guaranteeing serial products solutions specially designed for meeting the customers’ requirements.  A well-stocked spare parts warehouse,  a computerised management of the orders, a widespread and well organised assistance network, versatile resource management guarantee a reliable and immediate after-sales service.

The acquisition in 2002 of the ISO 9001:2000 management system released by DNV, an internationally renowned entity, is a further confirmation of quality looking at the future.

Pezzolato has three plus one product lines

GREENLINE: Disc and drum chippers, shredding machines, grinding machines, turning machines and screeners for compost production. It is the line especially dealing with the construction of machines and equipments for biomass production, wood grinding aimed at volume reduction, quality chips production and compost preparation.

REDLINE: Was the first line created by Pezzolato already 1976 and deals with the processing of the firewood.

PLANKLINE: Horizontal log saws, integrated sawmill systems, machines and equipment for pallets production

Recently a fourth line the Pezzolato Energy was added. Thanks to the great experience gained in 2011 by creating and managing a 1-MW biomass co-generation installation, Pezzolato is now able to offer a little-size modular gasification system (up to 300 kWel), positioned into containers.

TLA 10 Independent wood splitter

TLA 10
Independent wood splitter