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The Petro company group develops and supplies burners and combustion equipment. We offer a range of environmentally friendly, high quality products that have low maintenance and operating costs. Our vast experience and technical know-how is always at hand to increase our customers’ profitability.

High-performance combustion know-how and products
Our customers include suppliers and owners of combustion plants throughout Sweden and abroad, suppliers of waste incineration plants, shipbuilders and other industries.

PETRO Pulverized Bio Fuel Burner

A burner for Gas/wood, Oild/wood, Oil/Gas/Wood, Low CO and NO emission, good burn our of fuel.
This burner has a rugged and service friendly design that is based on experience from thousands of operating hours. Furthermore it is free burning, which provides optimal operating and maintenance costs. Support fuel is only necessary during start-up or as an alternative fuel.

Petro compact ecoflame system

Petro compact ecoflame system

The PETRO Compact Ecoflame System®

provides an intelligent, smooth, and fast method to be environmental friendly and to cut fuel cost. Retrofitting to bio powder is the closest you can come to combusting traditional oil or gas and still combust a solid biofuel. With the PETRO Compact Ecoflame System® you will have the same response time to load and the same start/stop time as you had before the conversion to pulverized bio fuel.
Petro’s approach has been to develop a compact system which can solve the problem with limited space in the existing boiler rooms. PETRO Compact Ecoflame System® can be technically as well as financially functional in the smaller plants.

Furthermore the compact system has been developed in a way so that the traditional liquid/gas fuel could be kept as an alternative or backup. The fuels (bio powder/gas/oil) can be combusted individually or in combinations according to the clients’ desire. The fuel can preferably be of a bio fuel type.

Naturally the system is equipped with an automatic control device with a remote control option.

All type of boilers on the market for steam or hot water (fire or water tubes), can be equipped with PETRO Compact Ecoflame System®.

PETRO Compact Ecoflame System® is built on three modules – fuel handling, burner and flue gas equipment, with a limited installation and commissioning time. The new burner is designed for easy replacement for the existing burner.

Start-up of a cold system can be done in less than five minutes since there is no pre furnace which has to be heated first. Thereafter the effect loads will follow the recommendations of the boiler manufacturers.