OOO Intersource Ltd (Ukraine)

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Telephone : +38 044 569 83 63
Address : 01011,19 Pechersky spusk,6 , Kyiv , Ukraine

Wood pellets from manufacturer (Enplus A2 in big-bags)
Our company "OOO “INTERSOURCE ”LTD (Ukraine) is one of the biggest manufacturer of wood pellets (Enplus A2 in big-bags) in Ukraine. For 4 years we are exporting wood pellets in countries of EU, like Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany and Hungary.
Our main goal for today is to enlarge our exporting field, find longterm cooperation with trusted European consumers of wood pellets like power plants, big industrial and domestic pellet consumers.

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Inna Lubynets
Director of Sales

01011,19 Pechersky spusk,6
Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel/fax +38 044 569 83 63