Noxor AB

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Telephone : +4619219060
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Address : Fabriksgatan 8 , ÖREBRO , Sweden , SE-701 45

NOXOR AB is a wellknown swedish supplier of systems for the materials handling industry and components with high quality. Our partner Fellingsbro Mekaniska AB has a long history of manufacturing, back to the beginning of the 18th century. Our common history is the company "Bröderna Envall", an old materials handling company in Fellingsbro.

NOXOR AB is located in the center of the city ÖREBRO and we are 12 employees.

Business areas:


Boiler house projects:

- Fuel feeding, ash handling

Material handling industrial projects:

- Pulp and paper, furtilizer industries, chemical industries


Give lifetime service to material handling plants incl:

- Spare parts

- Inspection and problem solving

- Modernisation


Sales and engineering of high quality equipment for materials handling:

- Rotary valves, cooling screws, elevators, submerged chain conveyors.

Spare parts:

- Spareparts for new and existing industries and machines.


Noxor has long experience of transport, preparation, feeding and storage of several types of biomass like peat, pellets, chips, sawdust, forestry residues and household waste. ​

Exempel på anläggningar:

Motala Energi - fuel handling (1996)

Västerbyverket Götene - Internal and external fuel handling (2001)

Halmstad Energi - Fuel handling (2001)

Timelkam, Österrike - Fuel handling (2005)

Hallein, Österrike - Fuel handling (2005)


Söderhamn Energi - Fuel handling (2007)

Karlskoga Energi & Miljö - Fuel handling (2008)

Arboga Energi - Fuel handling (2009)