Kyoto Fuels Corporation

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Telephone : +1 403-331-9286
Address : , Lethbridge , Alberta , Canada , AB T1J 3Z

Kyoto Fuels will be one of Western Canada's only biodiesel producers serving the needs of customers both in Canada and the United States.

Kyoto Fuels Corporation Corporate Vision – To produce high quality biofuels through the safest and most environmentally sustainable practises.

Kyoto Fuels is in the process of commissioning its 66 million litre per year biodiesel production facility located in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Our facility will provide biodiesel fuels to the expanding Canadian marketplace.

Biodiesel will improve the province’s air quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  The biodiesel industry will provide new opportunities to producers and the agriculture industry.  Kyoto Fuels approaches this ideal from the core of our values as a corporation.  Every Kyoto Fuels stakeholder understands the responsibility we have to the environment and that their contribution will help make Alberta a better place to live.

Presentation in Canadian Biomass: