Komptech GmbH

eMail : o.affenberger@komptech.com
Telephone : +43 3126 505-552
Address : Kuhau 37 , Frohnleiten , none , Austria , A 8130

Komptech is a leading international technology supplier of machinery and systems for the mechanical and mechanical-biological treatment of solid waste and for the treatment of biomass as a renewable energy source. Komptech is at home around the world, and also in Frohnleiten, Austria. The history of this company is that of a global player who has always been one thing more than anything else: innovative.

When Josef Heissenberger and Rudolf Pretzler began building machines for composting plants in a Graz workshop in 1992, the world began to turn green. Five years later these two men and their inventive team moved to Frohnleiten, a small town of 6000 inhabitants some 25 kilometres upriver. Now, nearly 20 years and an enormous number of machines later, in addition to a passion for technology, the company has developed a passionate commitment to the environment.

Function is the core of the Komptech brand model. The functionality of the machinery, the drive systems, the plants.

green efficiency® by Komptech is an innovation programme that gives our machines higher performance and lower consumption, and uses the latest exhaust scrubbing technologies. The reward is twofold: Our customers save on operating costs, and the environment - and with it all of us - benefits from reduced CO2 emissions and resource use.

The most important feature of this programme is higher efficiency in drive, shredding and material discharge, giving higher output per unit energy used and thus reducing specific energy consumption. Behind it are spectacular solutions like the new direct mechanical drive on the Crambo, and ideas that build on and improve existing features such as the efficient friction-wheel drum drive on the Cribus.