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Komatsu Forest AB

eMail :
Telephone : +46-90-70 93 00
Address : Tegelbruksvägen 1 , Umeå , Sweden , 907 04

Komatsu Forest AB is a subidiary of Japanese headquartered global company Komatsu. All forest machinery are manufactured in Sweden and USA.
Komatsu Forest AB has manufacturing in Sweden and in USA. In Sweden Komatsu since dec 2012 also is the owner of Log Max AB including Eco Log. At the Komatsu manufacturing unit in Umeå forestry machinery has been manufactured for long time under different owners and brands like Volvo, Valmet and Partek. Todays owner is Komatsu  (KMTUY) a japanese headquartered public company with a large share of international owners and  global activity with 35 000 employees around the world.  Komatsu and its subsidiaries manufacture and market construction and mining equipment, including hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, motor graders and dump trucks as well as forklift trucks, engines, hydraulic components and casting products. The Company also manufactures and markets metal forging and stamping presses, sheet-metal machines, machine tools, temperature-control equipment and defense systems. Komatsu is also the owner of UK Cummins Engine Co. producer of diesel engines.

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