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KIV d.d., Kiv Proizvodnja Energije Iz Biomase In Odpadkov D.D.,‎ is a Slovenian manufacturing company that for 60 years developed equipment for the heating market. Now our focus is on biomass boilers in sizes from 800 kW to 25 MW for an international market.
For 60 years the company has been in the business of heating equipment. We have developed and market now biomass systems available with 800 kW - 25 MW power plant, that do not only use wood biomass as fuel but also other types such as residuals from manufacturing of industrial plants, food processing and agriculture.

Most important advantages of our systems are:

  • robust construction

  • high efficiency rate,

  • big warming surface of boilers,

  • big grates’ surface,

  • indifference to fuel change,

  • environmentally friendly combustion with efficient flue gas cleaning system,

  • easy handling,

  • automatic operation and cleaning,

  • equipment is made and constructed in Slovenia,

  • minimum maintenance costs and guaranteed 24-hour service with minimum reaction time