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The company business idea is to help our customers to increase efficiency, availability and lifetime of industrial and marine boilers through optimization of soot cleaning. By harnessing the power of infrasound we offer soot cleaning solutions that create value through unique knowledge and experience. With more than 1000 installations worldwide, we are experts in “creating value with infrasound”.


From energy producers (e.g. Waste-to-Energy, Biofuel or Coal power etc.) through other types of industries like the marine industry (Cruise vessels, Ferries and Cargo ships) to the process industry (e.g. Cement plants, refineries, Steel plants etc.) our expertise has brought to our customers numerous benefits such as:

  • Increased boiler availability and efficiency

  • Reduced steam consumption

  • Savings in fuel

  • Savings through reduced boiler maintenance

  • Improved working environment due to reduced manual cleaning of boilers

  • Soot free deck on Cruise and Cargo ships

  • Compliance with emission regulations thanks to cleaner catalysts and electrostatic precipitators.

We help our customers to optimize the cleaning of heat exchangers in order to achieve the
best results according to the customer’s needs.

Automatic Soot Cleaning

- Now as a Service

The customers of Infrafone have with the help of the green and clean infrasound technology experienced improved profitability gains of their boilers. This has been achieved thru improved efficiency of soot cleaning in economizers, air-preheaters, catalysts (SCR’s), electrostatic precipitators (ESP’s) etc with a general payback time of about 6 to 24 months. Traditional soot cleaning technologies such as steam soot blowing, shot cleaning and manual cleaning have been heavily reduced or even eliminated in certain applications. Infrafone has performed almost 70 installations in Sweden to biomass- and waste-fired boilers since 2005, when the technology became mature thru the major technical break-thru,

Infrafone is now introducing “Automatic Soot Cleaning as a service” that includes all hardware, software, services and rental fees needed for a trouble free operation that delivers the following advantages compared to purchasing a system.


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