HarvestaGG (Green Goods) B.V.

eMail : info@harvestagg.nl
Telephone : 31 (0)88-8255 000
Address : Pelikaanweg 46 , PG Lelystad , The Netherlands , 8218

HarvestaGG is an initiative of entrepreneur Jan Cees Vogelaar, who has concluded an intention with Essent Grootzakelijk to realise the concept. The joint objective is to contribute towards the sustainability of the agricultural and energy sectors. The Green Goods Farm concept has been developed during the last few years and is now ready for realisation.

Joint venture
The energy company Essent supplies gas, electricity, heat and energy services to private consumers and companies. It produces the bulk of this energy itself and is the largest producer of sustainable energy in the Netherlands.

Parties such as the Province of Flevoland and the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs support the project. The Biobased Economy platform co-financed studies at an earlier stage. Various interest groups are currently involved in the HarvestaGG initiative.

Renewable green raw materials are becoming the basis of sustainable activities in our society.

In recent years, research in laboratories and in the field has enabled HarvestaGG to amass the expertise required to convert renewable biomass into ‘green’ raw materials which are suitable for all kinds of applications.

The green raw materials HarvestaGG will produce vary from raw materials for human foods and cattle feed to pharmaceutical products, biofuels, peat substitutes for the potting compost industry and organic pellets for soil improvement. And all of these raw materials will be entirely of vegetable origin!

The complete process, comprising the cascading of (nature) grass and crop residues and by-products, will take place on what are to be known as ‘HarvestaGG Green Goods Farms’.

Within ten years, HarvestaGG aims to expand its production to approx. 300,000 tons of cattle feed, a million tons of peat substitute and 250 to 350 million m³ of green gas which can be converted into 140,000 tons of bio-liquefied natural gas (LNG); the latter will meet the fuel requirements of 6,000 lorries per year. The products will be generated from the cascading of biomass from raw materials such as (nature) grass and crop residues and by-products.

Besides sustainable raw materials, HarvestaGG offers other benefits. For example, participating farmers are assured of an attractive price for the biomass they produce. The local economy is also given a boost because of the additional direct and indirect employment. Initially, HarvestaGG intends to realise two HarvestaGG Green Goods Farms in Flevoland and one in the Haarlemmermeer. The first Green Goods Farm in Lelystad is expected to be operational in late 2014/early 2015.