Guntamatic Heiztechnik GmbH

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Address : Bruck -Waasen 7 , Peuerbach , Austria , A-4722

Guntamatic is an Austrian manufacturer and a market leader in pellet and wood boilers for house holds and small enterprises with it´s main sales in Europe.

Guntamatic is a supplier of branded products.  Clear structures, adherence to the company's philosophy, long-term stability and reliability characterise the company's development. It is committed to the development and establishment in the market of renewables throughout the European area it represents the future of biomass heating systems. GUNTAMATIC has around 200 employees. Production is located in Peuerbach, in Austria, in one of the most advanced production sites in Europe. Today, Guntamatic Heiztechnik GmbH is an international market leader in the biomass heating sector.

The company for formed in 1963 and the first wood log boiler was manufactured in 1968. In 1985 the first chips system was delivered. In 1988 the launch of the first wood gasification boiler with induced draught fan technology, 98 the first low temperature boiler the Biostar. In 2004  the first series of POWERCORN heating systems for grain as fuel was presented,  in 2005  the POWERCHIP wood chip system and in 2009  the first wall mounted pellet boiler - the THERM.

Pellet boiler Biostar 12, 15, 23 kW
This unique concept low temperature pellet boiler offers the highest efficiency, convenience together with a long service life. In a hot reaction zone delivering from 2 to 23 kW output, the flame is variably matched to the heat demand, thereby ensuring a totally economical operation.

Woodchips are currently the most affordable biomass fuel available and have an excellent energy footprint. Our highly efficient woodchip heating systems can be combined with a number of different discharge systems, providing optimum flexibility.
Woodchip heating systems are particularly suitable for larger detached houses and apartment buildings, as well as for agricultural holdings and local heating networks.

Powerchip 20 - 400 W
Our POWERCHIP woodchip heating systems with industrial step grated technology provide a high level of operational convenience. In addition, they offer maximum flexibility on fuel selection, as they can also be operated with pellets, miscanthus and bio fuels. They can also be mounted for cascade operation and reach 400 kW output.

Guntamatic powerchip

Guntamatic powerchip