Gregor Ziegler GmbH (Thermospan)

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Telephone : 09636/9202-0
Address : Stein 22 , PlöBberg , GERMANY , DE-95703

Gregor Ziegler GmbH produces pellets and briquettes under the brand Thermospan. Raw material are supplied from close by sawmills and products are distributed domestic and exported.

Since January 2004, we produce wood pellets and wood briquettes under the brand "Thermospan". In our production facility in Stein yearly about 120,000 tons / year wood pellets and 25,000 tonnes / year  wood briquettes are produced.
The supply of raw materials for the production of wood pellets and wood briquettes is secured by close by large sawmills. The falling  wood chips and saw dust are picked up with own trucks and placed directly in the production of wood pellets or briquettes.
At the site in Stein about 50 employees currently working for the brand Thermospan.
Distribution is through regional and national partners. Two thirds of production is today by Germany and the remaining third in the neighboring EU countries.
In order to provide our dealers and partners with a constant supply, we operate several sales terminals in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.