Global Challenges Foundation

Telephone : 08-463 11 39
Address : Stureplan 4C , Stockholm , Sweden , 114 35

The Global Challenges Foundation’s goal is to reduce the risks of extremely large catastrophes that threaten mankind.

The Foundation wants to facilitate decisions for efficient actions against the greatest global risks facing humanity, that we are unable to manage in the current political system.

The Foundation’s vision is that risks of catastrophes that might overwhelm humanity can be reduced by facilitating decisions for efficient actions globally. At the same time, the Foundation wants to contribute to strengthening global cooperation and accelerate development of a global legal system that has incomparably better preconditions to effectively, rationally and equitably solve current and future global problems.

The Global Challenges Foundation considers that mankind today faces such tremendous risks that the world’s leaders should recognize that their most important duty is to eliminate or at least minimize these risks. Unfortunately, narrow-minded national perspectives often control world politics, even in globally crucial issues.

The Global Challenges Foundation was established in late 2011 by the financial analyst László Szombatfalvy, and fully operational about a year later. The foundation is funded entirely by a private donation from the founder and does not receive any form of public grants.