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Fulcrum is a pioneer in the development of a reliable and efficient process for transforming everyday household garbage into low-carbon transportation fuels including jet fuel, diesel and ethanol.  Our low-cost process will reduce our dependence on imported oil, create new clean energy jobs and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional petroleum production.

Our plan also makes great sense when thinking about the world’s challenges in disposing of garbage.  Utilizing Fulcrum’s process, we have the ability to convert the garbage generated by more than one million people into 30 million gallons per year of clean renewable fuel.


Fulcrum’s process that converts MSW into low-carbon renewable transportation fuels including jet fuel, diesel and ethanol begins with the gasification of the organic material in post-recycled MSW to a synthesis gas.  This synthesis gas is purified and processed through a Fischer-Tropsch process to produce jet fuel and/or diesel or through Fulcrum’s proprietary alcohol synthesis process to produce ethanol.
Bright Future
We believe the key to a successful project is secured, low-cost feedstock. At Fulcrum, we have entered into agreements providing us access to zero-cost MSW feedstock totaling about 4% of the garbage landfilled annually in the United States and we are actively developing projects that will have the capacity to produce hundreds of millions of gallons of low-cost, low-carbon transportation fuel across North America.

Our long-term agreements with leading North American waste services companies will enable us to produce domestic transportation fuels that don’t compete in the food chain and cost less than petroleum.

First plant: Sierra BioFuels Plant exp. production start 2015
(nov 2013) We have completed permitting, front-end engineering and site preparation activities for our first MSW to fuels plant, the Sierra BioFuels Plant, located in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, in the City of McCarran, Storey County, Nevada. The Sierra BioFuels Plant will produce approximately 10 million gallons (38 000 cubic meters) of low-carbon, renewable fuel per year.

We have entered into long-term, zero-cost MSW feedstock agreements with Waste Management and Waste Connections, two of the largest waste service companies in North America, and a fuel off-take agreement with Tenaska BioFuels.  We expect to begin production by the end of 2015, making the Sierra BioFuels Plant one of the United States’ first fully operational, commercial-scale MSW-to-biofuels production plants.

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