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Address : 10610 Ford Avenue, Suite C , Richmond Hill , Georgia , United States , GA 31324

Fram Renewable Fuels, LLC focuses on being a significant, cost effective supplier of wood pellet fuel manufactured in North America. Through Fram pellets from three large own production plants and a number of smaller partner plants are distributed for the international and the domestic sector. Fram works in close cooperation with the local wood and forest industry in the southeast of USA.

Fram Renewable Fuels L.L.C.(Fram) was founded in 2005 through the effort of Per Arneberg, a Norwegian shipping magnate. It is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Georgia USA. Fram focuses on being a significant, reliable, cost effective supplier of wood fuels.

The company, was one of the first wood pellet producers and exporters in the Southeast United States. Our wood pellets are made of 100% virgin wood that has been dried and compressed into pellet form.

The first manufacturing facility, Appling County Pellets, LLC (ACP), is located in Baxley, Georgia USA was operational in 2007 and expanded to 230 000 ton in 201o. The plant is located in an ideal area, as there is an abundant supply of sustainable raw material throughout southeast Georgia. In 2009 a number of smaller pellet producers hs partnered with Fram adding another 45 000 ton pellets.  Fram took a position in Telfair Forest Products (TFP) in Lumber city. An investment of 10 million US dollar has resulted in a production plant of 120 000 ton/year of high quality residential grade pellets. The latest project is the  Hazlehurst Wood Pellets, LLC (HWP), located in Jeff Davis County. This wood pellet plant is a two phase project. The first phase of this project employ over 50 people and required a $60 million investment. Phase two will employ an additional 25 people and an additional $30 million in investment. In total this facility will have a major impact not only on Hazlehurst but on all surrounding counties. Indirectly over 400 jobs will be retained or created in the various parts of the wood pellet supply chain.

Harold ArnoldPresident, has worked in the forest industry in the southern US his entire working life. He spent more than 23 years in the Forest Resources Division of Hercules Incorporated and held the position of Western Region Superintendent prior to his leaving Hercules in 1995. Since then, he has exported chips and other forest products through port facilities at Savannah, handled a variety of consulting projects for forest products industries in the South, and completed several international forestry related assignments as a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development. Harold joined Fram Renewable Fuels, LLC in October 2005.pellets, and deliver to the customer in a cost effective manner.